Network Design and Implementation

Networks are getting larger and more complex with several different WAN technology options such as MPLS, SD-WAN, and VPN, that deliver voice and data from employee to customer across the world. InfoTech Elements utilizes its vendor relationships to help your organization select an appropriate network provider and design.  InfoTech Elements will position your company to have a network that is designed by industry experts who value their customer's needs.

Cloud and Managed Services Assessment

Migrating your on premise data center to a Managed Service Provider or Cloud Integration company is complex.  At InfoTech Elements we recognize that every customer is different and has business operations with specific needs.  Our approach is to listen to our customer's needs, analyze the design, and assist them with selecting the right Telecomm and Cloud Provider.  

IT Security Evaluation

The threat to your company's valuable information is real.  Company security programs must meet these challenges with every growing threat.  InfoTech Elements has the expertise to evaluate your security posture and to develop a plan that aligns your business and security strategies effectively.  From identity management, to securing perimeter networks, we can help your company secure and harden your IT assets so that they are protected and adhere to security standards that your company must to adhere to.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategy

The heart of your company's operation is running on hardware, software, computing and networking systems technology.  These systems and their operational dependencies are spread out through multiple locations and even in different countries.  It is not always a regional disaster such as a hurricane that can take these systems offline, causing your company to lose precious revenue and customers.  With our extensive experience working with customers to develop, manage, maintain, test, and recover from system failures, InfoTech Elements can help you develop a working strategy so that your company can feel at ease knowing that you are protected when disaster strikes.