About Us

InfoTech Elements is an Information Technology company that aligns customers with innovative, scalable, and cost effective technology solutions. 

Now that we got that out of the way we are really here to find the right solution for your organization because we have lived in your shoes.

With over 17 years of IT experience: 

We are the Systems Engineers that sat behind the curtains of several Telecommunications, Managed Services and Cloud Providers so we know what works, what doesn't, and what to look for in choosing a provider.

We are the IT Project Leads that facilitated cloud migrations, conducted network assessments, and developed security standards within Data Centers and customer on premise environments. 

We are the Front Line Systems Engineers that have lived through Disaster and Business continuity scenarios while working for numerous private companies, and with Telecomm, Managed Services, and Cloud Service Providers. 

We are the Subject Matter Experts that strive on delivering accurate information on how a technology solution should work.

We are uniquely positioned to help customers because we can put ourselves in their shoes to help them identify and resolve their technology challenge from start to finish and when technology needs change.